#1 Nonprofit for At-Risk Youth? Big Brothers Big Sisters — And Why It’s Amazing!

If this were a personal ranking, Big Brothers Big Sisters would definitely be at the top for best nonprofit for at-risk youth due to personal experiences with the program. As it turns out, Philanthropedia feels the same way. Big Brothers Big Sisters received the top spot for its effective mentoring model that leads to positive and measurable outcomes for children who are considered at-risk for dangerous behaviors when they reach adolescence and adulthood. The experiences I have had with the nonprofit, and as it appears the experiences others have had, as well as the children who the nonprofit is centered around have really made it worthy of it’s #1 spot.

What Exactly Is BBBS and What’s So Great About It?

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a nonprofit that provides children who are facing adversity with strong, one-on-one relationships with an older mentor. There is a matching process between the potential mentor and the child to ensure that the child is getting a mentor that they will be able to connect with, trust and ultimately share a positive relationship with. The mentor is a volunteer that meets with the child once a week for an hour, and the two engage in activities that are fun, safe, and place a positive outlook on the child’s life.

Image Source: Big Brothers Big Sisters

The thing that’s so wonderful about BBBS is that it doesn’t only benefit the child, it benefits the mentor, too. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you have made a positive impact and a positive difference in a child’s life.

The children enrolled in BBBS normally come from low-income households where they more often than not are being raised by a single parent. These circumstances sometimes unfortunately result in the children getting into drugs or joining gangs by the time they reach high school, inevitably setting them up for a future that’s not looking so bright.

This is where you come in. By sharing positive experiences, encouraging school work, and simply spending time with these young individuals, you are not only improving their lives but your life as well. You may find yourself thinking that you have learned a lot more from this young person than you ever thought might be possible.

So, How Did BBBS Win the #1 Spot?

Big Brothers Big Sisters’ won the top spot in Philanthropedia’s rankings of at-risk youth nonprofits due to massive amounts of recommendations from at-risk youth experts. Only nine other at-risk youth nonprofits were recommended. This goes to show how great of a nonprofit Big Brothers Big Sisters is; bettering the lives of young people and yourself, all while enriching the community.

So what do you think? Is Big Brothers Big Sisters worthy of the #1 spot? What are your experiences with the nonprofit?

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