PHP is a worst career choice, at least in India ?

Its not about the language itself but the career opportunities that are available when compared to other technologies for the vast number of PHP developers.

There are lot of good things about PHP like,

  1. Its easy to lean
  2. No pointers
  3. No need to compile or worry about anything except writing code
  4. Can do things easily, rapid application prototyping
  5. Good community
  6. Lots of frameworks
  7. So many developers

Some negatives,

  1. Performance
  2. Not moving up to pace to match the other languages
  3. Undervalued language in the industry
  4. Not used in bigger projects or companies
  5. Poor pay scales
  6. Third party tools needed to scale it up

Why am I writing this ?

I am faced with a challenge of choosing the pill. PHP or Golang

If you want to know how deep is the rabbit hole, I advice you not to choose PHP.

How can you grow as a PHP developer ? Can you earn equivalent salary as other technologies ?

Is it enough to have mastered PHP or backend technologies alone to survive in the industry ? No, you got be full stack developer.

Know bootstrap or something equivalent, js (some front end framework like react or angular). You must lucky be to find a job without these requirements. Even if you do find a job which just requires the knowledge of PHP, what kind of project will you be working on ? A small team, correct ? Where are you are building a medium range traffic website that is definitely not so critical even if it goes offline.

There are very less number of MNCs that hire PHP developers. Most of them give zero results when search their careers page.

If you like PHP just do something by yourself and don't work for a company.

What kind of companies hire a PHP developer ?

Medium range companies, startups (most of them are e-commerce sites) and very few MNCs. Will your life become better by the years of experience ? NO, you will still do basic things in PHP, fill form, submit, store, display or do a boring API. Definitely Not much more than this.

I suggest you to continue your career if you are only one the below,

  1. Member of the PHP league
  2. Stof, Fabpot, Laravel/Symfony team member
  3. Anyone who is not an Indian

PHP is not a industry thing, no value given to its users. Lot of advanced and upcoming changes are not supported in the language.

PS: Don’t start or continue you career in PHP

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