What Works : Students, both 14, charged with on-campus rape in Hot Springs

The headline to this story is compelled me to click on it. The word “students” and “on-campus rape” are SEO friendly to the audience. Two high-school male students pleaded not guilty to being accused of raping a fellow female student in the locker room. The lead gives you the basis of the story, and the rest of the story tells the details. The nutgraph is the third paragraph,which simply summarizes that two boys approached the girl forcing her into the locker room and assaulting her. Two sources were quoted in this story, not including the affidavit that was sourced as well. One local resident of Hot Springs and a local police officer. The story included a video, which I believed worked well; however, I would have included a photograph along with the article. The key words, “student”, “on-campus rape”, and “Hot Springs” are all used in the title making the story SEO friendly, resourceful, and informative toward the public eye.


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