Why Sketch is the Perfect Tool for Interface Design

I would definitely click on this article about design especially if it relates to someone interested in design like I am. It is relevant to anyone and everyone in that industry or have a future in design or plan to use Adobe software.

I think the lead is pretty direct. The first sentence of the story explains exactly what the app is and the purpose it serves. The lead flows straight into the story.

The nutgraph is the first paragraph of the story that gives the core of the story before going into the different subcategories about Sketch. There are different categories that describe each aspect of the app and what it does. The story is extremely informative and useful.

No sources were interviewed for this story. It was more of a report on the product they are promoting.

The story gives pictures to follow along with that explain how to do specific things on Sketch like, Inspector, Exporting, and Layout. The story is beneficial to a beginner in Interface design, or anyone in that industry. The title of the story is a question which gives the audience more of a reason to read this and find out the answer.

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