Marino it is fascinating how people see things isn’t it.

DLHICKS, Here is a short list of why I see hope in this“ whitehouse. Reasons why I voted for Donald Trump

**#1 Vice President Pence is a born again Christian!

#2 Donald Trump will fill vacancies in the United States Supreme Court and federal courts with conservatives!

#3 Tax reform!

#4 Standing by Israel!

#5 Travel Ban!

#6 Send illegals home!

#7 build a wall separating the United States from Mexico!

#8 Notifying Congress of a strike on Syria after it was reported that the country used gas on its citizens!

#9 Protecting our Law enforcement!

#10 Mandating for every new regulation to eliminate two!

#11 Defeating ISIS!

#12 Rebuilding the military and the support of wounded veterans!

#13 Cutting funding for sanctuary cities!

#14 Approving pipelines!

#15 Reducing regulations on manufacturers!

#16 Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees AND REDUCING STAFF!

#17 Exiting the US from the TPP. (Trans-Pacific Partnership (multinational economic agreement)

#18 Clergy are free to discuss politics from pulpit!

#19 Drain the swamp!

#20 bill to slash legal immigration levels!

My personal opinion about Healthcare. I would really like to see Government Healthcare abolished not replaced!!


You said “ It’s kind of like there being 5 or 6 major religions in the world and mostly they all claim to be the singular true approach to salvation etc…”

There is one major difference in my religion that no other religion on Earth can claim..,my God came out of the grave and lives and there were many witnesses that saw him after His resurrection,the Bible says over 500 people saw him including his 12 disciples.

I can’t prove that Jesus is real only he can, we can argue religion until the cows come home. if you really want to find out if there’s a God, one night when you’re alone, say these words out loud “God if you exist I want to know” and wait until he answers you.

In the mean time if you have any questions call or text me at 605–215–1052.

Yes you’re absolutely right, “ it is fascinating how people see things isn’t it.”

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