You know Marino there are few things in life easier than having and holding an unshakable opinion.

I am not only thinking of myself, I’m not an egocentric if I were, I would have never given my telephone number. I am deeply concerned about your final destination, regardless of what you may think there is a heaven, there is a God, and there is a hell.

“All I was suggesting was that I find it amazing that two people can look at the exact same situation and see radically different images, but most fascinating of all is how often and how few ever wonder how that could be possible and what the ramifications are.”

Yes, it is amazing, but there is one big difference, by your philosophy a person’s mind can be changed: “ additional thought, consideration or education.”In My Philosophy when comes to the Bible, the word of God is true and absolute, there is no further consideration or education involved.

Enough said, have a great day and if you do have any questions you have my number.

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