Writing Goals: 2018 [Part 5] — Going Public
Scott Myers

My Painfully Public List of Goals for 2018:

  1. Meet with an Executive Producer friend on a 1-hour pilot I wrote this year. I gave him a 1-page pitch document that he found intriguing and asked if we could meet and discuss the project after the first of the year. I’m going to do everything I can to convince him we should partner up and get it sold. The exciting thing is he’s in a position to make it happen. He’s been a supervising or Executive Producer on five successful series. That’s also the very scary part, because I know nothing about getting a pilot script made, let alone turning anything into a series. But I’ve always been an eager, hard-working student and will do whatever it takes to get up to speed, should I be lucky enough for any of it to happen. (Some of this falls under the fantasy portion of your 2018 posts.)
  2. Finish a 3rd rewrite on my ghost script which I’ve now been working on (or NOT working on) for two-plus years. I know at its core it’s a good idea and I finally think I’m on the right track with the story. I just have to go back and finish it… again. And then go on and rewrite and rewrite it until it’s really really good.
  3. Finish my first “paid” writing assignment — a sequel to a kid’s film that’s currently in the final stages of post production. It’s a co-writing gig to write the sequel with the producer of the first film. I put “paid” in quotes because I don’t know if I’ll ever see a dime from doing it (unless it actually goes into production.) Even then, it’ll only be a stipend, but the experience has been unparalleled and worth it regardless of the financial outcome. So much fun to have deadlines, get notes, and make changes. I’ve loved it and it’s the closest I’ve felt to being a real writer.
  4. Develop and outline a feature idea I’ve had for a few years. It’s a total indie-type idea that is close to my heart and I want to move closer to seeing it through. I may not actually get a first draft written, but I will if I can (who knows? Maybe by the September Zero Draft Thirty!)
  5. Flesh out one more feature idea I have. I read an article about a woman born in the 1920’s who totally sparked my interest. There is very little actually known for certain about her, so there’s lots of room for creative interpretation. But the basic story seems totally awesome.

And that’s it. I’ve declared my intentions. I guess I should copy and paste this onto a document I can print and put into that envelope on my desk. Here’s to a productive, fulfilling, and FUN 2018. Thank you Scott, for everything!