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In this post, Abby Smith, BT Digital Design Operations Manager shares some valuable techniques she’s learnt to conquer a fear of presenting.

Here at BT everyone on our design team has to present at some point. We run ‘show and tells’ where teams share work in progress and ‘show the thing’ to a wide variety of stakeholders of all levels, we have design crits where people exchange detailed feedback and explain their design decisions, and we have a monthly design event, called the Big Design Gathering, where anyone can volunteer to give a talk to their peers.

However, for so many of us, the idea of standing up in front of a room of people (or sharing screens, as is now the new norm) gives us the heebie-jeebies. And for good reason. Presenting your work, facilitating a workshop, or even just speaking in a group, knowing that all eyes and ears are on you, is probably the most vulnerable you might feel in a working environment. …

In this post, design operations manager Abigail Smith introduces our design operations team and explains why much of the team’s work relies on one thing: empathy.

I joined the realms of design operations last year, making the move to BT in October 2019, becoming part of a newly established design operations (or ‘DesignOps’) team. This is a brand new discipline for BT, as it is for many big companies, and not everyone gets the value of this discipline yet. …


Abby Cecily Smith

Design Operations Manager

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