Why engaging consumers is important for brands?

Consumers are spoilt with lots of choices. It’s difficult for a consumer to pick your bread from a super market, where there are 10 same types of bread, of different brands available on the same rack. This gives a lot of cognitive load on the consumer as he spends his time deciding what to buy. It is important for a brand to stand out from the rest and often they realize this. They increase their spends on building a better and visible brand image, but the question always remain… is this enough?

Brand not only needs to create visibility, but also strongly influence their consumers buying decision, and one sure way to do this, is by building a loyal community around the brand. Brand constantly needs to interact with their consumers. They need to share their stories. Ask consumers to share their experience with the brand. Give them reasons why your brand is better than the rest. Offer them discounts and gifts for a Facebook like or a tweet. Create useful, engaging and fun content. Don’t just send out a traditional marketing message and expect loyalty from consumers. There are lots of social networking sites that you can take advantage of. Identify where your consumers mostly are and engage them there.

In short, create a collaborative environment to encourage consumers to interact with each other and spread the word about your brand. And then, next time when your consumer goes to super market, he will just pick your bread.