3 tips for developing your story idea

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So you have an idea. It has that spark to it, that bit of extra something that makes you want to sit at your desk and write for hours. But there’s a problem too.

When you try to use it, it just doesn’t work. The idea still seems like gold. However, when you try to write, you keep hitting a block, and you don’t know where it’s coming from.

Now, your first instinct may be to set this idea aside and wait for the next one, but we both know how well that…

And how playing games can actually make you a more productive writer

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You know the feeling. You’re sitting at your desk, trying to work on a difficult project, and you find yourself with no motivation.

As a writer myself, I am very familiar with that feeling. However, I’ve found that using gamification can help.

What is gamification?

Put simply, gamification is turning something into a game.

If you’ve ever participated in National Novel Writing Month, you’ve used this concept before.

During National Novel Writing Month, you can compete with yourself and other writers to finish your novel and earn bragging rights. …

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Today, I’m reviewing a book I found and enjoyed immensely about a year ago. At first, it was the book cover that drew me in, (because come on, that thing is gorgeous.) Then I read the book, and I loved it even more.

Let’s start with the details.

Title: The Girl Who Could See

Author: Kara Swanson

Length: This is a novella…

By using the Pomodoro Technique

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In a search for productivity, I recently came across something called the Pomodoro Technique, and it has totally changed my writing productivity.

What it is

The idea of the Pomodoro Technique is to spend twenty-five minutes on concentrated work, followed by a five-minute break. This pattern is repeated four times, at which point you take a longer break, anywhere from ten minutes to thirty minutes.

Why it’s great

After trying it, I am all for this method. It enables me to stay focused, productive, and avoid burnout, all while making the most of the time I have to put towards writing.

Why writers need to use it

If you’re anything like me…

And Why You Need One

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Imagine this, it’s three in the morning, and you just got a really good idea for a story. You don’t have any paper on hand, but not to worry, you’ll remember it tomorrow.

Morning comes and, as you sit down to write out your fabulous idea, you realize you’ve forgotten it.

I’ve done this more times than I care to admit because I have a tendency to overestimate my ability to remember my ideas.

That is why I now have something I call my writer’s notebook. …

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If you’re anything like me, you currently have far too many unfinished stories stored on your computer.

I know I do. The worst part is that I could have finished all of them if I had just put in enough time to outline them.

Yes, outline.

Even a very loose outline can be enough structure to make the difference between a story you give up on in the middle, and a story that makes it to the end.

Don’t write by the seat of your pants

I used to think I was a by the seat of your pants writer. …

Here is the short story I have been working on. It has dragons, danger, and a hero who never wanted to save the day.
This is one of my shorter stories. If you like fiction, but not the time commitment, this is for you.

It was said that the people of Cavlan Valley were survivors. They survived a disease that stole many of their own, and they survived the oppressive presence of the dragons that dwelled in their mountains.

And that is why, as Nate walked down the market’s narrow street, he kept a firm grip on his two thirteen-year-old…

Morgan crouched low to the ground and followed her target with her eyes. He trampled the underbrush underfoot with a confident stride, not bothering to step carefully or cover his tracks.

Convenient, but incredibly foolish.

Any lingering doubt as to his identity was extinguished when he sauntered into the camp and exchanged his plain cotton jacket, for a navy blue coat with medals down the front.

Randall Mahoney, Colonel of the Vakril army, kept up a brisk pace as he strolled through the camp, before ducking into a large tent.

Morgan scaled a tree and observed the goings-on carefully from…

Who do you write for?

Is it the frazzled mom looking for time-saving advice?

How about the student looking for humorous posts that fit into their fast-paced lifestyle?

Or maybe, you’re trying to write for everybody. I’ve tried that, and it won’t work.

With such a wide audience, it’s hard to know what they want.

Are they looking for short posts filled with relevant information, or long thoughtful posts discussing deep topics?

Does your audience want to see wit or strict professionalism?

The answer? It depends.

Who do you write for?

The answer to that question will decide what you…

Recently, I have been writing more than I ever have before. Subsequently, it has introduced both growth and utter chaos into what used to be my routine.

Before systematically planning my writing time, I still wrote quite a bit, but I struggled to meet deadlines, and often spent long periods of time without writing anything at all.

As I began to write more, I realized that if I wanted to be successful, and use my writing time productively, I needed to make a plan.

My plan came together in a few simple steps.

Make a list of things you want to accomplish

I started by making a list of…

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