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I’ve finally completed my first essay for my cornerstone class. Thank goodness. To me the topic came easily. At first when we were given the options and we were told we had to relate it to Ready Player One, the only option that sounded like a good idea was cyberbullying. When it came time to write it i typed, and typed and realized i was way beyond 2 pages (the max). So i had to go back and take out some not so needed parts. Writing it probably took me a couple hours, and it only took that long because i had a hard time relating it to Ready Player One, so when we got to take that out, it became so much easier. I think my strengths in this paper are being able to visualize exactly what happend and being able to feel how upset it made me. I think narrative essays are always easier so I'm scared, knowing they will only get worse. I think i might have picked a different topic, because it opened up some wounds that i thought were healed, and brought up some memories that i try not to think about. I hope that the next essays to come will be just as easy… even though i know they won't be…

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