While they need money to survive, TikTokers also worry that transactions will compromise their standing with their fans

Image: Chris Stokel-Walker/Wikimedia

TikTok and its users are skyrocketing in popularity. Take Sarah Lugor, a university student, who has 716,500 followers and 23.7 million likes. She goes by Shreksdumpster, and her videos feel goofy, personal, and warm — as if you’re a close friend.

“Shreksdumpster was a really dumb joke with my friends, but that’s when my account blew up. So now that’s how everyone on the app knows me,” she explains. It’s this sort of nonchalant, unaffected attitude that makes going viral on TikTok feel organic.

“I began TikTok because it looked fun, and I found I could use it as a…

Abby Arora

Writer, producer, unabashed Love Island fan.

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