Why I’m Thankful For Law Enforcement.

When I was in the 6th grade, a shooting occurred at my school. It was honestly one of the scariest moments of my life. Long story short, a custody dispute ended with a man pulling a gun on two police officers and shooting carelessly at windows, cars, trees, and buildings. In fact the classroom windows next door to my classroom were shot out. The two police officers shot the man and all was safe. No one was hurt (besides the shooter) and school went on as normal the next day.

It’s easy to say that if the two police officers weren’t on campus that day, the entire ordeal would have ended much differently. So differently, that I may not have been able to share this story today. That terrible day has changed my point of view on both life and my point of view on law enforcement.

There is honestly no better example of putting other before yourself than what a police officer does everyday. Police officers sacrifice their lives everyday so that you can live a safer and happier life.

Yes, are there some police officers that make mistakes? Are there some police officers that are cruel and rotten? ABSOLUTELY! But to say that all police officers are cruel, racist, and murderers is appalling to me. Let’s take the example of airplanes. Each airplane is a police officer. Most airplanes take off and land safely. However some fail, and that goes for some police officers too. We just can’t assume that all police officers are bad people.

P.S #BlueLivesMatter