A Bad Example…

Eastern Washington University currently holds approximately 14,000 students. Each one has a wildly different schedule, crossing paths and intertwining routes from dusk till dawn.

Navigating the campus is fairly simple but I say that after my third year here where all of my classes are in the same exact building and my house is one block away.

I don’t usually stray far off the beaten path but when I do I gain a newly formed perspective of this place.

Yesterday, beneath the building I study in, lie a field. That field is a barrier between my building and the art building. This means nothing to college students, we are ruthless. We will cut across streets, fields, rivers, swamps, and more if it means a short cut.

One of Eastern’s grand ideas to prevent this was to actually add a path from the Art building the the Computer Engineering building, giving students and bikers ease of travel to their next class.

Two issues: One, this path is 3 narrow bricks wide…

My two feet barely fit the width of the path and you can definitely cross walking with a friend off your list.

Two, the path is an erect diagonal line that shoots directly from the art building to ALMOST the stairs leading to the CEB. Instead of simply stopping at or before the steps, the path, as if it had a mind of its own, decides to pass the steps continue for a few feet, and stop in the middle of no where.

I will give it the benefit of the doubt and hope that just MAYBE there is a purpose for this path I am unaware of.

However, in short-I will continue to go the long way.