A Good Example…

As of late I have begun to dive into this idea of wellness and really focus on doing what is best for me and others around me-including my mind, body, relationships, etc. I avoid toxins in foods, I wash my hair and face with coconut oil, and I try to fall asleep on my back every night. I do my best, and try to learn more every single day.

However, one commonly neglected area of wellness that I believe we all come up short is hydration. No matter how many times I refill my water bottle and drink until I am fast walking to the restroom every half hour-my levels never remain consistent. I could drink 164 ounces one day and MAYBE 32 the next.

I carry around a Nalgene and sport it with hip stickers I have randomly come across, but am I merely talking the talk?

Not only does drinking water benefit your body in a million ways, it benefits the planet when you reuse your bottle.

Again-being mindful of not only the environment within myself but of that around me as well means listening to the earth and its needs rather than mine alone.

The water fountains in the building I am currently writing this is keeps track of how many people have used it to fill up their water bottle, with a short message of something along the lines of 56000 bottles saved, giving the user a broader perspective regarding such matters. “Wow, one person really does make a difference.”

This experience is more than satisfying and though small, quite impactful. A sweet little reminder that sometimes just doing our best is good enough, even if it isn’t consistent.