The Ocean

I think of myself as a Jungle. As an entire land worth visiting, perhaps even staying for a moment. It is exotic and unique and everything that lives here is mine to tend to. I get to choose what stays and what goes. Not everything is a clean break, sometimes it takes months, even years to clean up what old creatures may have left behind. To rid the baggage that is occupying our space. To cultivate a space of positivity and love.

Then there is the Ocean. Worlds inside of other worlds. When they collide they can either repel or become one. Don’t ignore the signs. Trust the Universe. Trust the Ocean. Trust your gut.

It is one thing to think of things bigger than you, but to feel and see them in the flesh is incredibly humbling. To walk into a wave makes you feel infinitely powerful. Infinitely whole.

The Ocean is a home. It keeps us all upright. It crashes and breaks and is as unpredictable and consistent as they come. You can study and maneuver and make your way to the lineup but in due time you will be struck by a wave you weren't expecting. Even the best get knocked down.

We are all little Oceans. Whose tides come in and swiftly make their way back out every day. Whose experiences mimic those of the waves and leave us either wanting more or reaching for air. A thousand waves.

Catching one feels incredible. Catching a wave feels like balance. I AM balance. I AM light. I AM the entire Ocean and more. I AM home.

But more often than not, the waves will trample and whirl you around underwater until you release and find your way back to the surface. Let go.

It’s good to be tumbled around sometimes.

We practice, we study, we learn what waves are going to break when, we try to prepare, but ultimately the Ocean is going to continue moving whether we like it or not. The Ocean is not something we can control. But with grace and gratitude may we be able to ride its waves in all their glory. With grace and gratitude, we become one.

Fill your Jungle with grace and gratitude. Fill your Jungle with hope and love and embrace the waves. Even when they swallow you whole. Especially when they swallow you whole.