To Be Improved…

Disclaimer: There are plenty of design solutions that can be improved. Are we as designers ever “done”? I don’t think so. Here is a timeline of my morning routine and how I believe it could be improved just a hair.

As I walk out of my house, hot herbal tea in hand, backpack strapped on over my sweater, and shoes laced up over some wool socks, the bitter air at 6:45 am in September quickly cools my bundled body as I start my uphill trek.

About ten minutes later I arrive at my building, and due to where my house is it is quickest to go in through the side of the building. This side of the building contains a small foyer that contains another set of doors before entering the building.

I open the door and am immediately taken over by a hot humid air that intensifies my tea, sweatshirt, and wool socks ten fold. The few seconds I am in this portal that leads into the building I am flush and eager to escape.

Once I do it is as if normal sets in again and my body temperature is content as can be for a short moments time.

After sitting down in my classroom, the heat sets in again. I quickly unbundle, taking off my camera and setting it strategically beside me as to not forget it when I leave, unstrap my backpack, unzip my hoodie and set it on my chair, get my things, and try for just a moment to breathe.

This experience could be improved if there were a more viable and less abrupt solution to drastic temperature changes. Maybe the entrance is cooler than the building but warmer than outside to slowly ease students into the new climate and avoid the blaring heat wave that throws our bodies for a loop after being outside.

It is a minor adjustment that would make my mornings that much more enjoyable, I love mornings, and the one inconvenience I have everyday is trying to acclimate to new surroundings in a just few seconds time.

Another disclaimer: I am sure in mid-January I will praise this scorching air for ridding me off frozen fingers and an icy face.