Art Fair 2017

I went to the Art Fair 2017 at The Link Parking, Makati last February 17, 2017.

This is one of the Gallery-Exhibitor that mesmerized me.


Ramon Orlina is known of his glass sculptures since he creates his work on his own without any mentor. He has thought of making glass sculptures because he wants to be original and different. The works he make are pleasing to the eye because it is unlike anything else. You would immediately identify and manage to discern how different his art gallery is from other galleries in the art fair because of the delightfully attractive glass of different colors that are carved into enduring forms. The first thing that came into my mind when I saw his gallery was that those cost a lot of money to make. It seems so precious, beautiful and smooth in a way that you want to touch it. You would really be amazed on how it was steadily carved without breaking the glass. People who visit his gallery seems astonished as well on how good the glass sculptures are.

We got to talk to a woman who was monitoring the gallery of Ramon Orlina. She told us that the glass Mr. Ramon Orlina uses is from other countries. Additionally, she told us that the museum of Mr. Orlina is in Tagaytay. Usually, the colors of glasses that Mr. Orlina use for sculpting is green, blue, and white; however, in this exhibit, he used different colors which are amber, pink, and lavender.

These are three of his glass sculptures exhibited at the fair:

  1. Discovery in Pink
    Carved Pink Crystal 2016
Discovery in Pink is one on the glass sculptures that mesmerized me since I personally love the color pink. I immediately thought of it being placed in my bedroom. It seems really luminous once you get near it is made out of glass and the light makes it even more glowing. I think this glass sculpture is about the process of people finding out what they want in life. It has the impression of having sharp edges and for me that means that there are a lot of challenges/hurdles that will come in a person’s life before discovering what they want.

2. Fertile Crescent
Carved Lavender Crystal 2016

Fertile Crescent is another glass sculpture that captured me because I also like the color lavender. Another thing is that it was beside the Discovery in Pink glass sculpture. The both sculptures look so attractive together. It was luminous as well. The carvings in the glass seems of different forms connected to each other. For me, it means that it is about civilization which is bringing about things like places or people to the stage where there will be development.

3. Waves at Sunrise
Carved Amber Crystal 2016

Waves at Sunrise is the glass sculpture of Mr. Orlina made in amber crystal. I find this pretty because the concept on how he carved this was clever. This is because the crystal’s color is similar to the color of the sky during sunrise and the artist has sculpt it into waves that can be seen as well during sunrise.

Agnes Arellano and Jose Tence Ruiz are two of the Contemporary Filipino artists that captured my attention.


Once you go inside since you will feel the godlike scenery of the artwork gallery of Agnes Arellano. It is prominent since you will be astonished on how the four goddess was sculpted in such a way that it is as big as a human and it seems real from afar. The room where it was cleverly planned and exhibited since it was dark and the deity ambiance was felt by the audience. When I went inside the gallery, I immediately saw Inanna, the multi-breasted cow Sumerian goddess. I stared at it wondering how the artist has carved such body. It was really intact and spotless wherein you could really feel her goddess vibe. I saw 3 other more goddesses which are named: Dakini, the Tantric sky dancer; Kali, the Hindu goddess of Time, Death, and Destruction; and Magdalene, Christ’s most beloved disciple. You could feel the female deity vibe as well with these sculptures because of the way it is formed. Overall, the work of the artist was excellent because the dimensional representative of these beings were appreciably put into effect.

This gallery has caught my attention the moment I entered since I immediately got the concept that the artist wants to convey. I personally am interested to this celestial beings because I enjoy reading Greek Mythology when I was in high school. Stories about gods and goddesses is really fascinating since you get to know the drift of how powerful these beings are and their role in nature and earth. It makes us believe that everything that we see in nature has significance or value because there are gods/goddesses behind it. After being somehow quick-witted about these beings, I felt the excitement in discerning visually the sculpture of goddesses in the fair.


This gallery is in the middle of the art fair. People in the fair were taking pictures with this gallery since it is an odd concept since it was really different from other art galleries shown in the fair. It captured me and my friends’ complete attention because of the fetter-like attached to chairs. We took photos sitting on the chair and there were three photographers (I think they were photographers because they had DSLR cameras with huge lenses) who took our pictures as well. It was really a sudden surprising experience that happened in the art fair.

This is another art gallery that caught my eye in this year’s art fair. It is a smart gallery that shows the complex and controversial world we live in. Jose Ruiz, the artist that thought of this concept, gave voice to the thought of all the negative situations being dealt with by the real world today. The problematic concept that the artist impart on the audience is effectually shown because of how it was projected. This was a very unique and simple but creative idea exhibited in the fair since it mesmerizes the audience in a way that they make time to inspect and take pictures.


It is actually my first time to attend the Art Fair here in the Philippines. Be that as it may, I can say that the Art Fair was super worth it despite of the tiring walk (because it was a big fair). All the artwork galleries exhibited were very impressive. Paintings are one of my interests because my grandfather collects paintings and displays it at home. I began to appreciate the enthusiasm of the works of painters/artists when I was still a little girl. That is why when I went to the Art Fair, I felt the admiration in all the works presented by different artists. The scenery in all the galleries were perfectly thought of making the whole fair outstanding. There were a lot of people who visited the fair and I was actually astonished of the audience because they are like the people I see at the lobby of theaters after I perform or watch theatrical performances/plays. There were kids, teenagers, adults, and oldies who were appreciating the artworks displayed. The local contemporary Philippine art scene were worthy of attention because you would see how the artists exhibited their artworks in such a way that there are like Filipino statement (like the values, culture, etc.) showcasing in their artworks.

The difference of the Art Fair with the National Museum is that it comprises of the current and prevalent happenings in our world and generation today. The artworks in the National Museum are historical wherein it showcases the past events that happened to our country and to our fellow citizens as well. You will be able to realize the progression of our country when you visit the National Museum.


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