IA#4: National Museum

  1. El Asesinato Del Gobernador Bustamante
El Asesinato del Gobernador Bustamante or The Assassination of Governor Bustamante is one startling painting of Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo since it is a true to life event that happened in 1717. I was greatly surprised on how the Hidalgo painted it on that size.

2. Spoliarium

Spoliarium is one of the paintings of Juan Luna. This painting is really well known on social media. Whenever I see National Museum posts, this painting is always on deck. I remember my first time seeing this painting in my textbook when I was in 3rd grade.

3. Mi Novia

“Mi Novia” or my girlfriend is the painting of Juan Luna Y Novicio. There has been a circulating story that says it is a cursed painting since after he painted this portrait, his wife was killed. Our professor told us that this is a haunted painting in the National Museum. I immediately saw this painting and looked fixedly because I researched about it before I went to the museum.

4. Rizal the Reformist

I took a picture of this painting of Jose Rizal by Martino Abellana since I remember reading about him the night before we went to the museum. I was doing my report on my JOSERIZ class about his two novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

5. Portrait of three ladies

This is a portrait of three Filipino women that made me gaze for about a minute. I actually find it terrifying in a good way since it actually look like a real portrait.

6. Seated Lady in Yellow Blouse

This painting caught my eye as well since it is painted on a paper using watercolor. I suddenly miss art class in high school because we get to enjoy drawing and painting random stuff.

7. Cultural Center of the Philippines

This is a painting of the Cultural Center of the Philippines or CCP. I didn’t actually recognize that it was CCP but it caught my attention because of the pastel colors that the painter used. CCP is really close to my heart because I used to do theater workshops and perform there when I was younger.

8. Abstraction

Lastly, this abstract painting sparked my interest right away because of the colors that the painter used. I thought of my Instagram right away because I feel like it would match my feed. #feedgoals HAHAHAHA. This abstract was painted by Nena Saguil.


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