Venue log: Profile of Maor Cohen, Israeli-American Jewelry designer

The Jewish Journal wrote a profile this week on Israeli-American jewery designer, Maor Cohen. His story follows him as a schoolboy in Israel to how his service in the army led him to Southern California where he planned on surfing before going back home.

As a young boy in school, he would make jewelry outside while others were in the classroom, and he would sell his pieces at recess. His sales as a kid earned him more money than the Principal and the teachers.

His jewelry was discovered by a man on a movie set who ended up buying nearly his entire line. He said, “I didn’t know who he was getting all this jewelry for, but shortly after, I saw those pieces on Johnny Depp and Fergie.”

Maor Cohen modeling his original designs.
Jewelry on Johnny Depp

Israeli-American Artist Does His Own Bling


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