When you think of back to school time, what do you think of? I think of falling leaves, brisk air, and my favorite wardrobe options.

As kids return to school this month and after Labor Day, fall sports have already started. …

Posted by Abby Ferri, CSP

Couple goals? NO, this is not a safe way to ride an e-scooter.

With news of yet another death related to riding an e-scooter, here’s some practical tips and information you can share with colleagues, employees, friends, and family.

Why e-scooters?

Employers in larger cities likely have employees taking advantage of “last mile” solutions every day. With health…

Artificial Intelligence and Safety

There’s a lot of chatter on LinkedIn and other business social media channels about artificial intelligence, how much those with AI skills can earn, and robotics. All of this information can be overwhelming and it can cause a person to push back saying it’s too futuristic.

Abby Ferri

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