How about talking about her REAL experience in “Public Life”

Did you really just suggest to a women that the only reason she wants to vote for Hillary is because she is a women? That is absurd. I am a women and I would have prefered Bernie to Hillary. The reason I will be voting for Hillary has nothing to do with her being a women, it has to do with the fact that I agree on her political position on 97% of all issues.

The reason I would never under any circumstances vote for Trump also has nothing to do with the fact I am a women. It has to do witht the fact that I find Trump completely unsuitable for office. I also only agree with him on 13% of the issues, which is more than I care to admit. As a decent person who cares a great deal about other people’s wellbeing I have little choice but to support a Hillary presidency since a Trump presidency would do astronomical damages to a majority of this country’s citizens.

Hillary is absoutely not my favorite politician of all time, but she is a far cry away from being the most corrupt. You are not typing truth, you are typing what you think to be true regardless of the actual facts.

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