I’m going to make this super easy for you.

Despite there being a ton of information out there about ‘saving the bees’ and pollinator gardens, I’ll be honest…I didn’t find it as obvious or straight-forward as everyone says. I couldn’t find a simple, focused list of tips for URBAN GARDENERS who wanted NATIVE ONLY plants, that could thrive in SMALLER SPACES.

After a ton of research, trial and error, and searching, I have come up with a basic list of plants that are both hearty and can be kept in a wide variety of containers.

Seriously, just get a…

I was going to write a big preamble to this, but realized the appeal I posted today to the Indy Hall coworking community speaks for itself.

Just one thing I’d like to say first…



Do not get burned out in a frenzy of letter-writing, protesting, and social media posting. You simply do not have to act on your own.

We can learn from the communities of people who have had a very powerful and active voice for generations. Your communities are where incredible movements are built. …

The Third Way. Today of All Days.

I grew up in a community that embraced pacifism. What many people don’t realize is that pacifism is not a call to be passive or inactive. One of the tenants of this belief system (that I still hold dear to my heart) is what Mennonites refer to as “the third way.”

When we consider our reaction to personal, interpersonal, even global conflict or cultural ills, we don’t have just two options — those many consider first — those of violence and reactionary aggression or of inactive passivity. We have a third option. …

Abby Fretz

Digital Producer, Beekeeper in The City of Brotherly Love...Mad Adventures

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