When they say confidence is key they really mean it.

I have been learning that the more confident I am then the better every area on my life is, the more insecure then the worse it all is.

For a very obvious example when I am confident in social situations then they seem to always go better. Now whether they are actually going better or I just don’t care what people think so I feel like they are going better I am not sure. But I have found that if I am more confident about who I am and fully embrace all my goofiness then life is just fun. Everyone is more relaxed around me and social situations feel less forced and uncomfortable. When I am feeling insecure or unsure of myself then that comes out, I become more aware of what everyone else wants from me in the situation then what I want. I become a characterless blob of what I think the people around me need or want from me. It is ALWAYS uncomfortable and forced this way. It’s like trying to fit into a shoe a size or two to small and trying to. convince everyone that it is indeed your size. It will make everyone uncomfortable because you are.

Before my first day of high school I asked my mom “what if I do something embarrassing!”

She then proceeded to give me the most amazing advise..

“You will”

She went on to explain that, yes you will do embarrassing things your whole life, and especially in high school!

She said it is how you respond that counts. From then on I have gotten really good at laughing at myself. Being confident in my accomplishments but also in my screw ups. Because it’s not always what you do but how you respond to it!

Now it would be a lie to say that I don’t still feel insecure every now and again. Like first dates, meeting new friends, first days, and whatnot. But then I always have a moment where I am like wait.. who cares! I’m just going to confidently be me and laugh at the silly stuff. It always seems to get better from there !

So have an amazing confidence filled day/ month/ year/ with all the laughter !

Much love,

Abby griffith ❤️❤️❤️❤️