A New City

Today, I got on the bus by my hotel. A woman around my age boarded at the same stop. I noticed her outfit immediately. She wore, most uniquely, a mustard yellow leather skirt at mid-thigh length under a thick knit black and grey sweater. Her hair was half up and twisted into an imperfect bun with a chunk or two sticking out. Her feet sat in short boots with a buckle across the ankle. My mind and eyes continued to wander and the bus rolled past a cafe on a corner that caught my attention. I was on my way to look at an apartment, but I figured I’d try to find the cafe after and have a coffee outside since the people sitting on the terrace seemed to be enjoying it.

The apartment was fine. The room was spacious. A good second choice.

I walked the bus route I had taken to get there after guessing where the cafe may have been on Google Maps. It wasn’t on the first corner I checked, but when I walked to the next block, there it was. There was even a table available outside.

I ordered a slice of fruit tart and a cappuccino. I’m usually more in to lattes, but cappuccinos seem to be the popular choice in Zurich.

After I ordered, I walked back outside to the table I had spotted upon my arrival. I sat down with my coffee and cake, very content.

As I drank my coffee I looked around, occupying myself with my surroundings since I’m close to friendless in this new city and have no one to drink coffee with yet. I noticed a scarf that looked warm and comforting. It was especially appealing at this moment as a cool breeze kept me just a bit colder than I’d like. Maybe I’d get a scarf like that when I officially move here. While still lost in this thought, I caught a glimpse of a mustard yellow skirt below the scarf. They both belonged to the woman from the bus! I hadn’t noticed the scarf on the bus. It must have been tucked into the tote bag she was carrying.

I found this entertaining. Then I considered her and her friend. It would be cool to have fun and trendy friends like them when I move here. I mean, so far we share an interest in this cafe, her scarf, and her mustard yellow leather skirt. That’s already a good sign for our possibility of friendship. I continued to eat my cake and finish my coffee.

An unwelcome smell of cigarette smoke blew over where I sat, tarnishing my delicious Saturday afternoon snack. I looked to my left. The cool breeze was sweeping up the smoke from my fashionable, soon-to-be friend’s cigarette and streaming the unpleasant fragrance under my nose.

I went inside feeling betrayed.

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