CNA Weekly Assignment #2

Police looking for escaped inmate in Martinsville

An inmate from Martinsville City Jail escaped on Wednesday, September 13th. He was considered a “Trustee”, which means that he is a prisoner with minimal charges which permitted him to be able to do work inside and outside of the jail. Therefore, on that Wednesday he was on a garbage pickup shift and disappeared leaving the police to form a search in the Fayette and Beaver Streets.

Police in search of escaped Martinsville inmate

Dekey Penn, is the name of the inmate who escaped from Martinsville City Jail. He was last seen when he was on the work crew, and he was wearing blue jeans, white t-shirt and boots. Martinsville Police are reaching out to the public for help in finding the runaway.

Police searching for escaped Martinsville inmate

Police are on the lookout for a runaway inmate in Martinsville who was last seen on Wednesday afternoon of last week. He reportedly jumped from a garbage truck somewhere around Fayette Street. He is not a violent offender, and was convicted of child neglect and probation.