Excersises 5.9 & 5.11


Plant Accident
A Gross Engineers employee was severely injured in a piping accident on Tuesday afternoon and is now suffering third-degree burns.

McCartney Illness
Rock singer Peter McCartney entered the hospital for exploratory throat surgery Tuesday after his voice was reduced to a whisper during his performance at Bennett Auditorium last night.

BOE Meeting
The Hattiesburg Board of Education passed a series of rules on dress code proposed by administration in an effort to increase enrollment.


Curriculum Changes

  • Who: university students
  • What: graduation requirement changes
  • Why: only 15% of students took a foreign language course and only 20% took a math course
  • When: next fall
  • Where: at the university
  • How: required to take one math, computer science and foreign language course

The University of Virginia has announced that they will change class requirements for incoming students this fall, requiring them to take courses in math, computer science and foreign language. 
A recent study showed that only 20 percent of students at the university took a math course, while only 15 percent took a course in foreign language. 
“We feel that these new course requirements will allow us to turn out better-educated persons,” University President David French said.


  • Who: Daughter of locally prominent attorney Jim Bensen
  • What: arrested
  • Why: for driving under the influence
  • When: last night
  • Where: 211 Green Grove Drive
  • How: for the third time in six months

Local homecoming queen and straight-A student Cathy Benson was arrested for drunk driving Saturday night.

This was Benson’s third time being charged with a DUI in six months. She plans to go to Vanderbilt University for graduate school this fall.

Record Weather

  • Who: Port Columbus weather office
  • What: hottest temperature
  • Why: heat
  • When: today
  • Where: Port Columbus
  • How: climate

Today’s temperature reached the highest ever to be recorded on this day since 1888.

It has been unseasonably warm lately. The Port Columbus weather office stated that the high yesterday was 82 degrees, yet today’s temperature peaked even above that!

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