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Abby Keough
Top Translation Services

Searching for top global translation service providers? Here is a researched list of top translation companies that offers best services in translation industry. Apart from native translators, there are various software and online translation tools available to help service seekers. But the biggest dilemma faced by companies as they work on any translation project is whether to opt for a computer-generated translation services or human-powered translation services. However, it has been so-far observed that machines are prone to error due to subtle nuances in local languages. So we strongly recommend going for native human translators.

The next challenge prospective clients’ face is finding a reliable and reputable translation services company. To help service seekers in their quest, we have curated here a list of top translation services. This list has been prepared after conducting microscopic-level research of several crucial parameters like the quality of services provided, expertise of native translators, accuracy in end-result, feedback from past customers, company certifications, translation memory technology capability and pricing structure. Hence, you can be sure of reviewing the best from the pool.

Explore the below list of world’s finest players in translation domain and pick a translation agency that best suits your requirements:

List of Top Global Translation Services | Top Translation Companies

  1. Straker Translations

Straker Translations is a premier translation company that offers the most accurate online translation solutions across the globe since 1999. Owing to the changing dynamics of the translation industry, the company has recently built a technology platform that enables their certified translators to deliver faster and more accurate translations to clients. Straker Translations has 2 production centres — Barcelona, Spain and Auckland, New Zealand and has sales offices in more than 9 countries across the world. The company offers 24/7 services to clients globally.

Services Offered: Desktop Publishing, Multimedia Translation, Website Translation, Designing Services, Software Localization

Translation Languages: 80+

Rates: Cost-Effective

Resource Pool: 5000+ Professional Translators

Industries Served: eCommerce, Energy & Mining, Financial, Gaming, Legal, Marketing & Advertising, Medical, Travel & Tourism

2. One Planet

Headquartered in United States, One Planet is one of the world’s fastest growing translation companies. A strong-squad of high volume translators at One Planet provides excellent foreign language translation and localization services to organizations worldwide on a variety of software and hardware platforms. Unlike traditional translation companies, this company also provides SEO support which guarantees to maximize client’s search engine visibility. One Planet has got an expertise in translations of complex technical, legal, medical and scientific documents. Since its inception, One Planet has worked with great clients — from venture funded start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises that sell their products internationally.

Services Offered: Translation, Interpretation, Software Localization, Website Localization

Translation Languages: 30+

Rates: Very Cost Effective

Resource Pool: 3300+ Translators, Editors and Interpreters

Industries Served: Multiple

3. Mars Translation

Conceived in 2012, Mars Translation is a translation platform that allows businesses to work with translation professionals anywhere in the world. The company manages to grab a position in our research of top translation companies as it is a preferred name in the translation market for being the one-stop globalisation solution provider at competitive prices. They have a fast turnaround time compared to other online translation agencies. Mars Translation has a skilled team of certified industry experts that are strongly committed to quality and time. The company provides full array of services and customer support from its 7 offices worldwide.

Services Offered: Document Translation, Ecommerce Translation, Website Translation, Video Translation, E-learning Translation, DTP & File Conversion

Translation Languages: 90+

Rates: Affordable

Resource Pool: 5000+ Certified Translators

Industries Served: Multiple

4. Babylon Professional Translation

Babylon Professional Translation is one of the most trusted names in the translation domain. The company hires translators from all over the world and provides multilingual crowdsourced solutions to clients. So, basically it is a global network of professional and experienced translators. A prospective client simply needs to submit the request online and the company will find the best translation expert for the project. The company offers high-quality global translation services to clients in committed time-frame. If however the client is unsatisfied with the results, the company asks the translator to make the required corrections. The best part is their customer service team is available 24/7.

Services Offered: Document Translation, Website Translation

Translation Languages: 35+

Rates: Competitive Rates

Resource Pool: Large

Industries Served: Multiple

5. Net-Translators

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Israel, Net-Translators is an award-winning translation service provider that offers complete strategy-to-deployment translation solutions to clients. With their wealth of experience and expertise, the professional team of experts at Net-Translators help businesses around the world prepare their products/services for global audience. Owing to its ‘customer-first’ approach and dedication to accuracy, the company has an extraordinarily high percentage of repeat clients. Net-Translators boasts an impressive list of clients that is spanning across 6 continents: Skype, Honeywell, AT&T, Groupon, AVG and several others.

Services Offered: Software Localization, Technical Translation, Medical Translation, Website Translation, Video Translation, Localization Testing, Translation Quality Assessment, Internationalization, Phone Interpreting Services

Translation Languages: 62

Rates: Pricey

Resource Pool: 2200+ Certified Translators

Industries Served: Software, Medical Device Manufacturing, Website Development, Hardware Companies, Financial Institutions, Gaming

6. Dynamic Language

Dynamic Language is one of the oldest document translation companies. Started as a small language translation company in Seattle, Dynamic Language is today one of the largest professional language companies in the United States. The company has earned a stellar reputation for delivering exceptionally quality projects to clients. The firm has a streamlined and flexible workflow process that suits all sizes, ranging from individuals or start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations. Company provides online customer portal to clients which enables them to keep track of their translation projects.

Services Offered: Translation, Localization, Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpreting, Transcription, Deaf/Limited Vision Services, Transcreation, Cultural Consulting, eLearning, Graphic Design, Voice-Over/Narration, Machine Learning

Translation Languages: 150+

Rates: Expensive

Resource Pool: Large

Industries Served: Aerospace, Education, Government, Healthcare, Legal Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Marketing, Retail Services, Technology

7. EDGE Professional Translation

EDGE Professional Translation is a market-leading translation company with a strong focus on quality, service and customer satisfaction. This company’s mission is to give clients a competitive advantage by breaking language barriers with unmatched quality and reliability. For each translation project, they assign a team of professional native language translators who have an extensive experience of translating in client’s industry. This firm is trusted by world renowned clients like Shell, Novartis, Marriott, University of Miami and others for their professionalism, promptness and precision.

Services Offered: Document Translation, Website Translation, Desktop Publishing (DTP), Editing, Proofreading, Reverse Translation, Presentation Translation, Brochure Translation, Contract Translation

Translation Languages: 4+

Rates: Average Competitive

Resource Pool: Good

Industries Served: Medical, Business, Marketing, Financial, Legal, HR, Technology

8. Lionbridge Technologies Inc.

Lionbridge — one of the top translation websites provides highly scalable global marketing solutions by leveraging the most advanced technologies. The company follows its unique Crowd-in-the-Cloud delivery model to ensure customers success by making their products/services locally relevant and brand-consistent worldwide. With expertise and decades of in-market experience, Lionbridge brings clarity to client’s vision of going global. The dedicated team of 100,000+ professionals at Lionbridge are committed to reduce the translation complexities of clients thereby helping them to accelerate their global growth.

Services Offered: Translation, Localization, Global Marketing, Product Engineering Services, Technical Writing, eLearning Services, Interpretation, Global Testing

Translation Languages: 350+

Rates: Average Competitive

Resource Pool: Very Large, Global

Industries Served: Automotive, Banking & Finance, Customer Care, Games, Government, Industrial Manufacturing, Leal, Life Sciences, Retail, Technology, Travel & Hospitality

9. Foreign Translation

Foreign Translation earns a spot in our list as it is one of the preferred translation agencies by potential clients for offering a broad set of services — from basic document translation to multimedia translations. The company has worked on several small to large-sized projects since it began its operations in 1998. The company employs native-speaking translators that have demonstrated expertise in the subject matter to provide world-class quality translations to clients.

Services Offered: Document Translation Services, Multimedia Translations, Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP), IT Translations and Software Localization, Telephonic Interpreting (OPI), Website Translation, Language Translation Services, Rapid Translations Program

Translation Languages: 30+

Rates: Competitive

Resource Pool: Above Average

Industries Served: Manufacturing & Industrial, Advertising & Marketing, Life Sciences & Medical, Legal, Banking & Finance, Automotive, Retail, Travel & Hospitality

10. ALTA Language Services

Based in Atlanta, ALTA Language Services is an employee-owned translation company specializing in enterprise-level translation services, online language training programs and language proficiency testing. The company has made a remarkable mark in translation industry with its ultra-fast turnaround time and exceptional quality solutions. This ISO certified company has worked with some of the leading global corporations, hot start-ups, government agencies and non-profit organizations. They have an unbeatable team of tested translators, editors, proof-readers, interpreters, project managers, language trainers and network specialists who are highly enthusiastic about providing innovative language solutions.

Services Offered: Translation Services, Interpretation, Language Testing, Interpreter Training, Language Training, Accent Reduction

Translation Languages: 100+

Rates: Average Competitive

Resource Pool: Good

Industries Served: Legal, HR, Marketing, Technical, Medical, Government

Final Thoughts:

Expand your global reach quickly and effectively by partnering with the right firm.

Our stream of research is ongoing to help clients find a reliable source for translation services. So, if you would like to recommend any other translation company, share the name of the company along with clear reasons of why it deserves a spot in our research list.

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