Make America Great. Again?

If you have not yet had the opportunity I urge you to read George Saunders’ recent article in the New Yorker. Even if you are not interest in politics, it is an interesting view into the Human condition. Saunders, traveled across the United States during the primary season this past fall and winter to see what all the hype (good and bad) over Trump is about.

I will let you read the article to see what he concludes, but one part of the article really stuck with me.

When describing Trump supporters Saunders says,

This sentiment, of mistaking a dream for the past or waxing poetic over the nostalgia of a yesteryear that never existed is the main selling point of Trump's campaign.

It is even in his slogan. It wasn’t enough for the Trump campaign to just say, “Make America Great.” No, Trump aspires to “Make America Great Again!” But every time I hear this I wonder, ‘What era, exactly, are we trying to go back to?’

What time in American history was so great, that we need to return to it? Are Trump and his supporters so unoriginal. that they lack the ability to imagine a new future, one that is even better than anything we have seen before?

Every era and every president has its issues, but at least those are new issues. Everything we have accomplished in the past has made America the great powerhouse it is today. Those accomplishments have also come with failures, though, that most recently US citizens have felt economically. This economic hardship has, in turn, led people to fear being left behind, which has given way to a dog eat dog mindset. Trump has fed off this mindset by imbibing his populace with the idea that if he is elected his supporters will come out on top.

But that won’t be the case, because it has never been the case. Call me cynical, but there has never been a time in American history where such a diverse population was served to their best interest by the government. And with Trump vowing to Make America Great Again, he vows to deliver a regression of America’s incredible progress.

So with that in mind, I’ll be voting for Hilary, a candidate who I think will simply Make America Great.