Nothing Lasts Forever
Kris Gage

I loved this! I think sometimes it’s so easy to want to fight with the current of life and not just go with the fluidity of life. I loved how you said fluidity can be exhausting at times… where things are ever changing constantly. I think that at times we really have to take a step back and instead of fighting the current or trying to objectively asses each thing that comes our way, we really do need to just go with the flow. I think at times there will be moments when we will have more time to assess the situation at hand. Other times we just have to trust that wherever life is taking us at the moment we will eventually end up where we want to be. We can’t be naive to the fact that life does change constantly. We have to embrace and understand that things can change in an instant. The reality of life is that nothing really does last forever…eventually our time will come to and end. It’s hard not to get stuck in a rut where we feel like things last forever… but I loved how you said that happiness is appreciating the truth that life is fluid and flows freely. So we must not confuse the “right nows” and the “forevers”. As we come to accept the truth that life is always changing and moving we will be able to embrace the fluidity of life. I think as we embrace that concept, change will come more natural. We either wont feel so stuck or what ever is around the next bend wont seem so daunting.