Hello Medium?
Lisa Renee

Lisa Renee, thank you for giving me permission to utter (albeit quietly, more of a grimacing whisper) that I have found myself quite bored — as a reader, anyway. And although I still pop up with things to write, it’s harder to get excited about getting on Medium when I don’t have something to say, when I’d just like to listen to others. I admit, I mostly go elsewhere for that. My time for reading is so very limited, but something I’m desperate to cherish, that I just can’t spend the time trying to sift. I suppose I could massively unfollow writers, only follow, say, the people who I know I will read because I 1. know them personally or 2. they’ve been on Medium as long as I have and we’re sorta internet pals now, but that seems counterproductive. I came to Medium to discover, and for a while I did just that.

Now being here is work, and it’s not “digging for buried treasure” fun work, either. :(