Today’s the day!´-⁣

ASK ME ABOUT MY UTERUS is now available in paperback!

A book getting published at all is special, let alone getting more than one printing & a paperback run! It wouldn’t have happened without you.

Whether you pre-ordered, bought online or in your local bookstore, checked it out from your public library (or asked them to get a copy!), gifted it to someone or received it from someone who thought it was a gift you needed — thank you.

My only hope for this book was that it would help others feel less alone. I never expected it would give that gift back to me, but oh, how it does.

If you’d like to catch up and/or help me celebrate, I’ll be doing an Instagram Live Q&A and book giveaway today (Tuesday March 5th) at 11 am eastern!

And you can always catch up with me there or on Twitter.