Finding my voice as a journalist

By Abby Ng

I am not the same journalist I was when I first came to Marquette, and the picture in my head of the journalist I want to be has changed. Just 9 months ago, the only writing experience I had was my high school newspaper and a summer communications internship at Mount Mary University. Now after a year in student media, working for the Office of Community Engagement, and taking journalism classes, I can say I’ve covered a Wisconsin senate debate alongside professional journalists and interviewed a woman who lost her son to suicide. I’ve learned how to cover breaking news and I’ve learned how to write long form features. I feel more confident in my writing and interviewing skills. I have discovered who I am as a writer.

For a while I thought I wanted to be a broadcast journalist. In my dreams I was the next Lisa Ling. But after gaining more experience this past year, I realized my role may not be on screen. Of all the stories I have written this year, I am most proud of my long form feature stories. I find it so rewarding to do thorough reporting, taking the proper time to research, interview and write a piece that goes deeper than surface level. I feel that this type of reporting is the most valuable in educating the public.

I’ve also redefined my mission as a journalist. I am determined to highlight injustices, acting as a voice for the under and misrepresented to incite positive change. Marquette is the perfect place for me to foster my passion for social justice and improve my journalism skills. I am so grateful to attend Marquette, and I look forward to where my next three years here lead me.

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