Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons, Mona Lisa Has Own Handbags

“Having the names of the artists in reflective type is in a way persorming a function like the gazing ball in the “ Gazing Ball Paintings’ There is also a reflective process about the person being interlinked with the bag.” Jeff Koons is a master artist in contemporary art. He remixes the iconic artwork of the old masters and presents them in a way for Louis Vuitton a new exclusive collection for the bag.

Credit by Louis Vuttion

The first artwork is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa that is the world’s most celebrated portrai. Jeff Koons said, “It’s about the idea of Leonardo and it’s about Leonardo the human being.” Leonardo is more considered a primary example of the Universal Genius. Like Mona Lisa.The paint makes people feel a mystery. We can see from the exclusive collection, the first line is called “Da Vinci”. The portrait of Virgin Mary was printed on the leather with Louis Vuitton iconic prints. “Titian” is the second line for this collection. Tiziano Vecelli was the greatest painter of the 16th century. The most master piece was Mars, Venus, and Cupid. “The sense of energy and the emotional interaction between the subjects point to Titian’s evolution from a naturalistic approach to a more mannerist style marked by intellectual sophistication and compositional tension.”

The third line is called “Rubens”. Peter Paul Rubens was one of the most successful artists . The painting was about the tiger hunt.The reason was chose Jeff Koons said, “which is quite powerful and moving.” The fourth line is “Fragonard”. The painting is about girl with dog. “In Girl with Dog, the subject’s pose and the treatment of light could be lascivious were it not for the subject’s innocent expression.” Especially, the artist wasJean-Honoré Fragonard who was one of the pre-Revolutionary Ancien Régime’s most prolific artist of 18th-century France. The last line is Vincent van Gogh’s artwork, “Wheatfield with Cypresses”. The painting was swirls, impasto, and vivid colors are packed with emotional resonance.

Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons’s the latest collection has came out. They bring these famous artworks to publication. People feel fresh and learn more about art from this collartion. Otherwise,these artworks get their handbags.

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