When trying to figure out how to describe my past week spent in Copenhagen, I noticed a common theme throughout my pictures: water.

Last Saturday, a few girls from my house walked around the city exploring. We enjoyed a ginger beer soda by the water, enjoying the near perfect weather that none of us expected of our trip to Copenhagen.

Me, Alli, Margot, Taylor, and Annabelle
Nyhavn, about a 10 minute walk from our house.

After a day in the sun with my housemates, my friend from class Angelina and I went on the British Royal Navy’s ship that was in port in Copenhagen. We had befriended an officer a few days before, who offered to give us a tour of the ship. It was crazy to see all the work and planning that goes on within the naval ships.

The next day, a few of us from the house took a water taxi to explore other parts of the city. It’s amazing to me that a water taxi is a part of the transportation system here. This provides just another example of how easily one can thrive without a car here.

Margot & Micah

After a long day of walking around we decided to rest by dangling our feet over the water and talking.

In class on Monday 5/30, we were challenged to go out and socialize with locals. We went to a park about 5 minutes from my house, where once again we were able to sit by this body of water and ask the Danes “why is Denmark rated the happiest country in the world?”

On Wednesday after class, Angelina and I went on a boat (again). We were joined by a girl from our class, Gaby, as well. This time we rented a Goboat with some of her visiting friends. The boats accommodate 8 people. This photo was taken around 8 PM- we went from 8–10 PM and it was this light out the whole time.

We got to see the sunset while on the boat.

We took the go boat through the canals as well.

On Saturday 6/4, a group of people from my house went to Amager Strand beach. It was supposed to be 80 degrees (I was expecting Copenhagen to consistently be in the mid 50s this whole trip, it has been amazing to be able to enjoy the sunshine this much). We walked to Norreport- the train station about 10 minutes from our house. It was a 15 minute metro ride to the beach, then a 5 minute walk from the stop to this beach.

It honestly felt like we were in a utopia. Everyone was so peaceful, the weather was warm yet breezy, and we saw the windmills. I couldn’t help but think that there’s no way there’s anywhere else like this in the world.

This beach was incredibly crowded, yet didn’t have the rowdy feeling most public beaches in America do. There weren’t parents yelling at kids, no kids were arguing, there was music softly playing as opposed to blasting. It was the perfect environment to sleep, read, and mingle.

We ended the day with huge sunburns and huge smiles.

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