8. List of lists

  • Movies to watch before I die
  • Books to read before I die
  • Pranks to play on roommate
  • Shit I want to buy
  • Recipes to try
  • Renegade art installations to do at Art Murmur
  • Articles to read on design
  • Future pet names
  • TO DO
  • What I’m grateful for
  • Art projects
  • Blog posts
  • Cities I want to live in
  • Fake App names
  • Website ideas
  • Website urls to buy
  • Cities to visit
  • Apps to download
  • Picture albums to organize
  • What people with tatoos are like
  • Book titles
  • Songs to write
  • “That would be such a great camp” burning man camps names
  • Burning man art cars to make
  • Things to bring to Burning man next year
  • Audible books to download
  • Emails addresses and passwords
  • Google shopping express for the week
  • Portfolio tasks
  • People I’ve slept with
  • People I’ve made out with
  • Inventories
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Cool places to work
  • Small claims to file

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