51. Things men & ladies do that are sexy

to be fair, I’ve made two lists

Things men do that are sexy

  • Wear sweat pants. I know this one seems odd, but trust me
  • Ride a bike with no hands
  • Wear tank tops
  • Old Spice. Always Old Spice. Sometimes I just wear it for fun
  • Play guitar. Specifically, singing me a romantic love song.
  • Skateboard
  • Wear a dress
  • Hold a baby. When they get all sappy and open those babies just melt away their machismo
  • Open doors, esp car doors
  • Motorcycles. Duh
  • Wear lipstick
  • Be dangerous. See “Motorcyles”, also things like graffiti writing, jumping from building to building. SWOON.
  • Look like this, jk lol.

Things ladies do that are sexy

  • Say “No”. There’s nothing hotter
  • Be pregnant
  • Be tan. Sorry, it’s real. So is skin cancer
  • Wear turtle necks
  • Motorcycles. Duh
  • Wear men’s clothes
  • Rock climb, surf, or any manly outdoor sport
  • Yell at the TV about sports
  • Play guitars
  • Have Bieber hair cuts. jk, lol

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