Must Have Apps of 2014 (India Edition)

Being an Indian app developer and a very heavy smartphone and tablet user, I thought it would be a great idea to compile a list of must have apps for this year. So in no particular order,


For those of you who don’t know about Zomato, (either new smartphone users or people who have been living under a rock) it is the go to app for restaurant discovery and recommendations. They usually have a very strong and reliable reviewer and rating community. The one thing that I really like about Zomato this year was their addition of restaurant ‘collections’. Lets say you’re doing a burger tour of Delhi, they have a burger collection which includes the places with the best burgers in Delhi.


Book My Show

This one has been my go to app for any sort of ticket booking for any event. I mostly use it for booking movie tickets. It has a pretty neat seat picker and an overall clean look and feel. As soon as you open the app, you are shown some basic categories of events or you could even browse through events taking place close to your location.

Saavn, Wynk and Gaana

I thought I’d pool in the top 3 Indian music streaming apps together. My top pick purely on aesthetics would have to be Saavn, I really like their unique and clean interface. Wynk also has a pretty clean and simple design but doesn't come close to Saavn. I would have really appreciated Gaana more if they had not blatantly ripped off Spotify’s design. But still Gaana is a very good streaming service for Indian users.

On a pure content catalogue angle, I noticed that my searches were most successful on Wynk and also their pricing was super economical with packs starting from Rs.29! That’s less than half a dollar! But they do need a much better UI. I will cut them some slack since they’re pretty new to the game.

Wynk Music


Now this app is one of those few apps where the overall experience is way better on Android than iOS. India, being a more Android oriented market, I feel the ‘Android’ first mentality is much more suitable than the ‘iOS’ first mentality.

Freecharge is an app for all your bill payments. It has a really clean and simple interface which is sprinkled with really delightful animations. Seems like they have used the Facebook ‘pop’ animation library. This library was open sourced after the release of the Facebook ‘Paper’ which is one of the most beautiful apps I have ever used.



Hike is a messenger app which is India’s own answer to the likes of WhatsApp, WeChat and Line.

There are quite a lot of things I like about Hike. Although since WhatsApp has a very high adoption, it is a pretty bare bones experience. Now this is where Hike comes into play. They offer a very rich chat experience ranging from voice chats, to themes to very ‘Indian’ stickers which I really enjoy using with my group of friends. We have very spotty network coverage in India and this is where all our chat apps fail and we have to rely on the age old SMS. Hike uses this to its advantage where it can send an SMS to your friend in case he/she is offline, but at the same time showing it in the same chat thread!

Hike Messenger

Ola Cabs, Taxi For Sure

There’s been quite a lot of controversy surrounded cab services recently, but these are some of India’s very own Uber competitors. With the price wars going on between all of these cab services, its a good time to get really cheap rides. Amongst the Indian offerings my preference is Ola, but Taxi for Sure offers a cheaper base fare of Rs.50

After recently raising crazy amounts of funding, both of them are really ramping up their operations. The taxi wars are going to be an interesting thing to follow in 2015

Ola Cabs
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