Diversity fail
Jessica Semaan

And let us see — how do the responses stack up for diversity? ;) How many will be from men telling you that’s just how it is? How many will tell you it’s because you’re doing it wrong? I bet for each dozen such, you will have maybe one cynical female voice, one voice of color who is unapologetic in refusing to assimilate.

What’s my point? Stand up and keep speaking. Diversity fails when we all say fuck it and go home. Does that suck? Yeah. But there it is.

I’m about a month into medium and I’m finding a lot of diverse voices and now they’re showing up for me more than the top picks. I just assume I won’t find the top picks as interesting as the things off the beaten path. I don’t think medium is failing at diversity more than most of the English speaking Internet. Of course, that can be taken more than one way. ;)

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