There are not only Muslim reformers around the world but Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist reformers too who in their own way are trying to fight the regressive practices and beliefs in their cultures. It is a mistake to think only Islam is dangerous or regressive.
Pluralism and Diversity
Arshia Malik

This is a truly fantastic piece of writing, which I’m delighted to have read this morning.

I was raised multiculturally by anthropologist parents, and in my adulthood, eventually came to live in a part of the USA where I’ve experienced the same culture shock you describe feeling upon returning to your parents’ hometown. Here, it is people who identify as Christian who exhibit all the behaviors you’ve described.

I find it fascinating, and hopeful, and frightening, and awesome, and inspiring, and many more things, that there can be so much in common across so great a distance, in space as well as culture. It is a joyful thing, though, to know there are always more of us committed to standing for that legacy of progress and fighting to continue it.

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