Create like no one knows your name
Jonas Ellison

You really nailed some of the forces that (recently) led me here to medium, actually — the thing that pushed me to the edge was the allure of a blank slate. I pondered pseudonymity. I pondered the value of my name as a brand, and the thousands of people who already follow my writing — I am that interior design girl you mention, except my field is far more niche than that, and competitive. My name is unique; I am quite certain I am the only Abby Franquemont who has lived to date and so there’s no way I could pass off a completely failed experiment as having been someone else’s.

I said it was the prospect of a blank slate that drew me to the edge. But it was the thrill of fear for what might happen if I just write, the fear of the unknown, that pushed me over the edge into starting to write here.

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