You were safe.

I fell for the familiarity of your embrace,

mistaking it as all of you.

I was broken, trapped by my all consuming insecurity.

And I melted when you looked at me.

I thought I saw glimmers of affection in those almond brown eyes

I wanted to believe it was love and not lust.

I didn’t mean nearly as much to you as you did to me

You, saving me from my


But you were blind.

And so was I.

Substituting you for my own self-worth.

I wanted validation of my body’s beauty.

I took the first bait I could find, and I was hooked.

The hook is still jammed in my chest.

The tugging is slowly starting to less,

yet every time I see you

it. still. stings.

More so because I feel so naive for using you

And for letting you use me.

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