Life As A Teenage Mother

I guess everything really does happen for a reason. I remember the day so clearly, sitting in the bathroom holding a stick that determined my whole future. When those two purple lines popped up, I felt my heart sink and my mind going crazy. The only thing I could think of is “so what happens now”. From that moment on, my life changed. I admit, I had no clue what the future held and that really scared me but I now have a purpose to try and do the best I can. And it was for that tiny little human inside me. Weeks passed and I finally announced to everyone I was pregnant. I had lots of support I never thought I’d get and it felt really relieving. Until, I started seeing the negative comments like “don’t you know how to use protection” or “another teen knocked up, how typical”. It made me want to delete every social media account and hide from everyone. All I could think about that summer was “how can I even face everyone at school?” When it finally was time to go back, I couldn’t help but drag my way through the halls on my first day. I remember all the looks I got and whispers I heard like I wasn’t right there, it’s like they really didn’t even consider me a person anymore. Months went on and I got bigger and bigger and I became more anxious, proud and excited to meet my little princess. Everyone got used to me waddling through the halls and always asking how far I was and what I would name her and if I was excited. I couldn’t help but smile so big when responding. March came so quickly, I couldn’t believe it was any day now I would meet my baby girl. March 5th, 2016 my whole entire life changed. I remember hearing her cry as they laid her on my chest and then, she instantly calmed right down. My heart automatically filled with so much joy, I knew this is how my life was supposed to be. This is why I was put here on earth, to bring this little girl into the world. I may be only 17, but life knew what I needed before I even did. People can stare, people can talk, I’ve came to learn people will always have something to say when they’re the outside looking in. My crazy night is giving my baby a bath and cuddling up with her. Some days I wonder what it’d be like to stand in student sections, go to prom or the biggest party of the year like everyone else my age. But I traded all that in for a life time of love, kisses and waking up to someone who I love unconditionally. People may say I ruined my life and made a horrible mistake, but in my perspective, I made it so much more wonderful and beautiful.

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