One drifter off to see the world (II)

The year when I graduated from college might be the harded time I had ever been though, my beloved family member passed away , I had not got acceptance from RUC and I did not get a decent job, I felt I was totally a loser at that time. Nonetheless, I did not like to come back to my hometown and gave up my dream.

I was shopping in a shop near my school.

My grandfather died in 2011, he left peacefully without any struggle. When my dad told me this bad news, I could not believe it, the person I had just talked sprightly last year would be missing from this world forever. How horrible it was! Actually it was the first I suffered the pain of family member’s leaving. My grandmother died when I was a little kid, so young that I did not understand the meaning of dying yet. However this time was different,I was mature enough to taste the pain of losing. I felt sympathy for my grandfather, cause I knew that he lived with loneliness after my grandmother passed away, he adopt many dogs to keep company, but those pets aways died before him. Actually, my grandfather was not such a welcomed old man, people regarded him as a person who talked exaggeratingly, and he was also not liked by his daughters-in -law, including my mom. Maybe he had behaved harsh on the people around him when he was young, but after so many years, whatever the hatred should be forgotten. I had a good relationship with my grandfather due to his highly attention of my education, I was astonished when he encouraged me to study abroad considering that he is just a typical Chinese farmer with little knowledge and education. Despite his disadvantages of disposition, I really appreciated him so much due to his dilligence and bravery. Fortunately he did not see my lose again and again, while regretly I would have no chance to pay him back. In conclusion, my intimate relationship with my grandfather brought so much pain to me when he passed away.

To be continued…

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