One drifter off to see the world (III)

Writing in Medium is amazing, I find myself connecting with other people which have totally different life experience with me, we do not know each other, still, I do have the interest to read stories other people share. Sometimes it feels strange that you can talk to a stranger freely while you have to behave carefully facing your familiarities, maybe the relationship of not knowing each other guaranttee safety. These days I really feel eager to read and write in Medium, my life is stuffed with tests and I aways feel bored about the daily routine things, being in a whole new and strange world satisfy my hunger for curiosity. I have talked so much about my feeling of stepping into Medium, now I should continue to tell my stories.

My father who I think is really handsome ,though the picture is not quite clear. Love my Dad so much.

Before I get into SUIBE, I really want to mention my first internship in an investment company. It is a company set up by a Korean who get his education and work experience in US, and he has once worked in Wall Street as an analyst. I do admit that this company’s managers and anlysts are knowleable and elites in the society, they earn a lot of money and live a decent life. However, the people who worked as sellers are not so fortunate, the quality and education level are quite different. Some of them have master’s degree, some of them even not have a bachelor’s degree, and the age of those staffs can not be concluded as peers. I remember that my direct boss who is not welcomed by his followers but kind to me has done many jobs before his joining in this company, he is a Beijing native, he has been a temporary actor in a drama, a carrier in a building site, and he also run a small company himself, however the business fails quickly before he becomes a billionaire. In fact, he will not come to this company if he has succeeded in his career. I have introduced enough information about this company including boss and emploees, it’s turn to expose myself. As a finance student from a mediocre school, especially in a market as competitive as Beijing, I can not get a good job after my failure of graduation entrance examination, actually I have missed the opportinity to find jobs, so I join this company as an invest counselor. I do not take this job seriously due to my intention to take the exam again, I always late for work, I find this job a waste of time and I don’t like the content of this job. As we all know that Chinese financial market is not mature, such as stock market to which Chinese government have paid so much attention, not to mention exchange market. I do admit that there are people who want to earn money and they want to invest in exchange market, however, most of investors know little about the risks of exchange market. The exchangbears more risks and fluctuations than stock market, sometimes those counselors drag those consumers to invest without warning them the cruel fact that their money can eaisly evaporate in exchange market. I really consider the way some of counselors convince investos are imoral and indecent.

How do I feel when I am in an environment like that? I really feel I am a loser, but I do know that I have chance to get out of this situation. However those people with old age and sitll do a job like that they can hardly change their lives.

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