Analysis of Pidilite Industries Ltd

Session by Aditya Khemka: Analyst at the Oxford Alpha Fund

Aditya Khemka, is an alum from the Batch of 2018. He completed his BSc Hons in Economics and Finance from Ashoka and recently graduated with an MSc in Financial Economics from the prestigious Saïd School of Business, University of Oxford. While he was at Oxford, he was also an analyst at the prestigious Alpha Fund.

Here are some glimpses of the training session led by him for our team.

Analysing Stocks through Fundamental Analysis

Analysis of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd dated on 31st Oct 2019, made by our members.

Analysis of Tata Global Beverages dated 31st October 2019 made by our members.

The Exchange Traded Fund (or ETF) industry in India is largely a market that could have a large amount of potential, yet they are often considered sub par when compared to other investments such as Mutual Funds. This paper aims to analyse the performance of ETFs in the Indian market by looking at data regarding their rates of return, cost, growth, etc; along with that, reasons for their underperformance and unpopularity will also be looked at briefly. Lastly, the paper will aim to analyse ETF data and make a case for their inclusion in the portfolio of investors in India.

Here is the lecture delivered by Prof Sanjay Bakshi on ‘The Practical Utility of 7 Mathematical Ideas’ for a session hosted by ABC Investments, at Ashoka University.

Prof. Bakshi is an Adjunct Professor of Behavioral Finance and Business Valuations at the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. He is also a Managing Partner at ValueQuest Capital LLP — A SEBI registered investment advisory firm. Popularly known as ‘Fundoo Professor’ for his highly engaging and interactive lectures, he is an eminent figure in the field of Value Investing.

Please find here an analysis of VIP Industries done by some of our team members.

Please find here some of the presentations made by our members in the month of May 2019 on UBL.

ABC Investments

Constantly Compounding

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