Be Better At Work (and Life) With This New App

If your cell phone is Robin, then your Contact Book is Batman. With the touch of an app, you can have an Uber pick you up in five minutes, suavely (or not so suavely) flirt with someone across town, or order a perfectly customized burrito bowl (extra guac, no cheese).

The smart phone has helped us master the art of living seamlessly and effortlessly.

But it’s still failing us at the one thing it was originally created to do — making us better at life and work, by connecting us with the people who matter most.

How many times have you scrolled through your messages and cringed at the number of people you fell off with? When you do look through your contact book, how many people are you actually in touch with? What ever happened to that coworker you were supposed to grab lunch with? That sales lead who told you to reach out again five months ago?

Why is it so damn hard to keep in touch with your contacts?

Up until now, this seems to just be a fact of life. This rise of technology and digital networks has led to a boom in the number of social ties we create. The average American has over 600 social ties, and one study found that the average professional gains 250 new contacts each year.

But then there’s that little thing called Dunbar’s number that states that people can maintain stable social relationships with only up to 150 people. Science has literally doomed us to lose touch with over 60% of our network.

It’s so easy to connect. But infinitely harder to stay connected and nurture relationships from the past.

Introducing Signal AI: the personal assistant for your contact book.

Signal is an AI-powered app that analyzes your natural communication patterns with your contacts and prioritizes who you should connect with first.

The app syncs with your contacts, calls, and text messages. On the home screen, it prioritizes the top five people you need to get in touch with each day, based on your natural communication cycles.

See the people you need to get in touch with each day.

Tap on one of your contacts to get a snapshot of your relationship health. Signal notes your typical communication pattern, as well as whether your relationship is on track or overdue for a chat.

Signal keeps a pulse on each one of your relationships.

Considerate nudges help you connect exactly when the time is right. You’ll never have to remember to follow up with a sales lead, coworker, or friend again!

Signal prompts you to connect when the time is right.

When it’s time to get in touch, Signal lets you call or text your contact right within the app. It also keeps everything updated, so you always know where you left off. Scroll down on a contact’s profile to get a quick snapshot of your last text, call, and email with them.

Know where you left off with each person.

If you’d like to improve your relationship with someone, or decrease your contact reminders, you have the choice to override the AI by adjusting the Frequency Setting.

For each contact, you can set reminders to a frequency of your choosing.

In all, Signal helps you always stay current with your network. The artificial intelligence manages your contact book for you — so you never have to guess when it’s time to get in touch with someone again.

Looking to stay connected with your network? Sign up for the Signal Private Beta program here.

Inspired by the recent breakthroughs in machine learning and the digital world’s increasing affect on how we maintain meaningful relationships, Adam Chaloeicheep and Kevin Steuer co-founded Signal AI in 2015. As an internal lab project, ABC Design Lab assisted in developing the app’s concept, branding, communication, and ux/ui design.

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