How to Rock Daily Options on ABCC

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Nov 21, 2018 · 5 min read

ABCC Options is an EASY investment option.

Invest in Daily Call/Put Options

Earn More with Limited Risk

What are Daily Call/Put Options

Call Options: agree that the price of BTC/USD at the end of this contract is higher than that at the beginning of this contract.

How to Earn

Earn with Delivery Assets

Buy in call or put options, win 1AT if the price change agrees with the contract.

Hedging Risk

A potential way to offset losses resulting from a slump in the coin price.

Features of Daily Options

A Level Playing Ground for All

Choose the average price of BTC/USD from there renowned third party Exchanges, effectively avoiding price index manipulation.

Easy and Straightforward

You only need to care about the price increase or decrease. The variation does not matter.

Potential to Earn in the Bear Market

Even in the bear market, you have the potential to earn a high return. All you need to know is the price change direction.

Innovative Investment Style

Purely depend on market supply and demand.

Highly Accessible

Available on a daily basis and each round lasts 20 hours, suitable for short-term and high-frequency investments.

Everything can be simplified into THREE steps.

Once you have AT/USDT in your options account, you are ready to go.

2. Select CALL or PUT options to BUY or SELL, and choose the AMOUNT.

Let your assets grow with us.

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