Think racism doesn’t exist in UK? See what happens when you tweet in support of #BlackLivesMatter
Hera Hussain

Because in the 21st century, it is an acceptable form of debate to simply call someone a racist if they do not share the same demented view of reality as you do. How dare people violate the sacred teachings of political correctness! Damned be those who still believe in the principles of our First Amendment rights! The criticizers of this most noble movement, the same group of people who point out the bitter irony that, while black lives do indeed matter, the BLM movement has not set it sights on the real issues facing our fellow back citizens: namely, a broken subculture within a culture that is full of broken homes, high crime rates and an undereducated rate as high as a raptures. Instead, it chooses to concentrate on a string of police killings, most of which are justifiable, to chase a faceless entity (a white entity, I presume) for a culture that forget to teach their youth that assaulting police officers and reaching for their guns are not acceptable forms of behavior in our civilized society. With the exception of a few, the N.C shooting and the recent shootings of Castile (one I blame amateur policing and a lack of training more so than “institutional racism”), most of the so called martyrs for the movement have been, in a sense, wolves dressed like sheep. Are these the people we admire now? Long gone are the days of Ross Parks and Harriet Tubman; we now live in a time where an entire movement, filled with both whites and blacks, would canonize a thug who had her infant in her left hand and shotgun in her right upon police entering her door after a seven hour standoff. Long gone are the days of the revered Martin Luthier King, for we now live in a time where officer-assaulting, liquor store-robbing, dimwitted thugs are regarded more highly than those who wake up every morning, put on a badge, and go out to protect the very people who profess to despise them so greatly. Anyone who supports such a movement is an amoral, uninformed, racist, cherry-picking statistician who does NOT care about the the quality of life-or the life expectancy- of the average black American. See what I did there? Why don’t you put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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