These police need no microscope applied to their behavior- in order to humanize them.

. I am afraid you and I will forever disagree with what you refer to as the demonization and, for the sake of brevity, the persecution of African Americans that you claim is to this day imbedded into our society. I would also add that you put too much stock in the credibility of a movement whose very premise for existence is based on meaningless platitudes and slogans that, even upon being debunked by the same “credible sources of the masses,” is not discarded, namely because it fits the political and ideological preferences of its sympathizers.

. I dare break the sacred rules of political correctness and call this woman a “bad mother,” soon thereafter receiving backlash, because I am aware of what the other side, namely, you, will do. You see this young, rapturously beautiful woman as one that stood for freedom; one who, through shear self-determination, refused to cower to the same gun barrel that would later release the bullet that physically, and perhaps a lot more in depth psychologically, harmed her innocent, naive child. I am nevertheless aware of the fact that perhaps mental illness — paranoia accompanied by unjustifiable anxiety and hatred towards authority — may have played a role in what transpired in that most dreaded of evenings. The source of her paranoia stems from the very same well that you yourself seem to visit quite often; and if that well were to one day dry over, black mothers and fathers would cease teaching their children that they will forever be condemned to being second class citizens, namely because they have been predetermined to suppression by a faceless authority whose sweats racisms and gulps out hatred towards people of color. This faulty, unjustifiable way of thinking is what led to Korryn’s paranoia — assuming she was suffering from an illness rather than just being a horrible, in your words reckless human being.

White mothers are not, as of this moment watching HD video after HD video after HD video of men and women who look like themselves and their children to be gunned down by and subsequently bleeding out and ultimately dying (now in the presence of their families and children). These men are dying, and are so, for a litany of offenses that seem now to be constantly decreasing in terms of their severity and scope. White women aren’t living with the level of horror that does today, and has always accompanied life in America for African people.

. I do not remember the last time an epidemic of black woman were killed in our streets, their only crime being the color of their skin. Perhaps if we didn’t idealize, or in your case perhaps forgive too easily, the Korryn Gaines of America, more people wouldn’t find the need to martyr themselves — suicide by cop being a phrase we’d both be familiar with — all in the name of overcoming what statistics show us is mostly a false idea of black suppression and victimization which leads to people turning a blind eye to the actual problems that leads to blacks being slaughtered in our streets.

. Decades after the last Jim Crow laws were rightfully abolished from our precious Stars and Stripes, the quality of life of my fellow black Americans is no where near where it should be; and while you will surely jump to blame what you deem to be a racist culture for the problems of the black man and woman, something that has proven to be rather counterproductive, I urge you to take into consideration the problems within the black community as the precursor for the quality of life that has been lacking for the average black person in America. With the poverty rate being only five percent (same for whites) for educated black families whose fathers have not left shortly after the umbilical cord was cut, or for those young mothers who did not have children perhaps too prematurely, it is an unmistakable truth that the economic discrepancies, which often lead to poverty and high crime rates, is maybe, just maybe an inner-cultural problem rather than a societal one. With the strides the civil rights movement has made throughout the prior decades, black undereducated rates is up, woman having children before marriage is at 70% (up from 20% from the 1960s), and, perhaps most appalling, black on black murder rates are staggering. Are all of these caused by what you consider to be institutional racism/discrimination against blacks? And, if so, because these numbers have gotten worse since MLK told everyone he had a dream, is America more racist now than it was in the 1960s, a time when water fountains were still segregated? And because these three, among other, life choices has been said by every sociologist and economist worth his or her salt to be the driving factors of a crime-driven, poor quality of life, is it perhaps possible that not addressing these issues while pointing the finger at an invisible suppressor (once again, I presume he’s white) can only prove to increase said levels, therefore leading to more black deaths and higher justifiable police shootings?

. Korryn Gaines, nor Michael Brown, are. dead because of what you may perceive as institutional racism against blacks; for they are no longer with us because a certain subculture within the black culture in America failed them miserably. Now, please, for the sake of those who you and I both would consider brothers and sisters, let us begin to humanize the kids in Detroit, St. Louise, and Los Angeles and try to mend the part of the black culture that is obviously broken.


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